Are you looking for somewhere safe to keep all your personal items?

If so, trust the high quality safes provided by Affordable Lock & Security Solutions.

Highest degree of quality, integrity and responsiveness

American Security Products Company (AMSEC) is the world's best-known provider of security safes and security solutions. Since 1948 we have protected the assets of our clients throughout the world by providing a broad array of safes and consulting services with the highest degree of quality, integrity and responsiveness. Customers have trusted AMSEC safes for generations.

Variety of safes for your specific needs:

  • Gun safes
  • Burglary safes
  • Fire safes
  • Drop safes
  • Jewelry safes

Quality, brand name products:

  • American Security
  • Cobalt
  • Gardall

Keep your personal items safe from harm with one of our quality, durable safes.
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