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Access Control SystemsAre you looking for a simple and cost-effective system that doesn’t require a PHD in Rocket Science to manage?
If so, count on the SmartLock Pro services from Affordable Lock & Security Solutions for all your security needs.
User friendly and inexpensive security systems With other extremely useful features such as Integrated DVR, Alarms via Email, and Auto User Activation/Deactivation, SmartLock Pro is the ultimate solution for smaller organizations with simple requirements.
Variety of features for your individual needs
This system is ideal for controlling access from 1 to 60 doors, 4,800 users and is packed with all the features you really need such as time zones, holidays, and audit.
SmartLock Pro features:
  1. FREE SmartLock Pro Software
  2. Extremely Easy to Learn and Use
  3. 60 Door / 120 Reader Capacity
  4. 4,800 User Capacity
  5. Real-Time Communications
  6. Automatic Door Unlock Schedules
  7. Programmable Access Schedules
  8. Programmable Access Profiles
  9. Programmable Holidays
  10. Integrated with Several DVR Manufacturers
  11. Automatic Cardholder Activation and Deactivation
  12. Card Deactivation based on Programmable Usage Count
  13. Right-Click Audit for Card Add/Edit
  14. Door Alarms via email
Through our access control services, homeowners are provided with the ability to control door locks and home access through a simple computer software program. Doors can be accessed with access cards, and homeowners can even receive email alerts if someone attempts to access their door without authorization.

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